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Music in the Gardens with Arcady


Diana Di Mauro will be performing By The Roadside, a set of 5 Miniatures based on the poetry of Walt Whitman, and composed by Ronald Beckett at Music in the Gardens with Arcady on September 12. The song cycle was composed especially for Diana, and will feature accompaniment by string quintet.

It will be a beautiful, lazy day on the Whistling Botanical Gardens in Wilsonville, Ontario that you don’t want to miss. Bring a friend, family, a date, no matter who you share the day with, it will be an unforgettable afternoon of original music and beautiful scenery. The late show is sold out, but tickets are still available for the early performance.

Performances are on September 12 at 1:30pm, with a second show at 4:00pm. In case of rain, the concerts will take place on Sept 13th instead. Information can be found here: http://arcady.ca/

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