Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Diana Damrau celebrates Franz Liszt

This week we’re celebrating the birth of a brilliant composer, a virtuosic pianist who has made history for both his music and for the size of his huge hands and feet.Happy Birthday, Franz Liszt! What better way to celebrate the man than with a sumptuous recording of some of his vocal music sung by the scintillating soprano Diana Damrau and accompanied on the piano by the masterful Helmut Deutsch. I love the sound of Diana Damrau’s voice. I’m less than pleased with the way our names look strikingly similar and how close our voice types are were, but I digress.

Diana’s latest album, thoughtfully titled “Lizst Lieder” is now available for order in Germany. Fortunately, you can also purchase the digital album from Amazon. Not sure if this recording is for you? You can sample the album online.




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