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Mezzo soprano Jennifer Brisk was just embarking on a promising career as a soloist when she suffered personal and vocal trauma in 2016 which would profoundly change the direction of her life. Here she tells her powerful story of crisis, depression and renewal, accompanied by her own paintings and photography. The Opera Stage.
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The Opera Singer That Died

When mezzo-soprano Jennifer Brisk finally began to embark on a professional career as an opera singer, she went through many profound life changes.

As anyone who has devoted their life’s work to the study of classical music knows, for most, the sacrifice and dedication necessary to build a sustainable career in this art form is immense. Meaning the effect of success or failure on the performer may seem incredibly multiplied and enlarged.

My life was constructed around singing. My daily schedule, for well over a decade, was singing and everything associated with that.


In Jennifer’s case, she experienced the incredible high of beginning a professional career, paired with the huge blow of losing it, all while dealing with a major personal struggle and life events. Her story is one that will resonate with many singers and performers, I’m sure.

The opera singer died, and I had been grieving. I was grieving a part of myself that no longer was.


You can read more about Jennifer’s story, and an excerpt from her upcoming book on The Opera Stage.

Art Life and Stilettos

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