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Tapestry Opera Gets Fucked Up

Tapestry Opera Gets Fucked Up

The latest in cross-genre musical collaborations is happening this weekend in Toronto. Get ready to head to the Distillery District and hear the Polaris Prize-winning punk band FUCKED UP perform with Canadian opera singers, mezzo-soprano Krisztina Szabó and tenor David Pomeroy. It all takes place over three nights for TAP:EX METALLURGY, and is the third year that Tapestry Opera has thrown this sort of party, experimenting with and revisiting the limits of the art form.

“Nothing comes from nothing, and if we don’t allow ourselves the freedom to experiment, collaborate and try new things, opera will remain the same forever,” says Tapestry Artistic Director Michael Hidetoshi Mori. “All the players in this project are geniuses of their genre, and I’m very excited to see what kind of electricity they create together.”

TAP:EX METALLURGY also features composer Ivan Barbotin, librettist David James Brock, and Tapestry’s resident conductor Jordan de Souza on piano/keys.

Keep in mind, this is a limited performance. Here are the details:

Creators: Mike Haliechuk, Jonah Falco, Josh Zucker and Michael Hidetoshi Mori
Performers: Krisztina Szabó and David Pomeroy; members of FUCKED UP
Directed by Michael Hidetoshi Mori
Music Direction by Jordan de Souza
Guest Composer Ivan Barbotin
Guest Librettist David James Brock

November 19 & 20, 2015, 8pm
November 21, 2015, 7pm and 10pm
Ernest Balmer Studio, 9 Trinity Street, Studio 315
Distillery Historic District, Toronto
Tickets: $25 to $35, available online at here or by calling 416.537.6066 X243


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