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Mirella Freni severs ties with CUBEC

mirella freni leaves cubec

Mirella Freni severs ties with CUBEC

Looks like something fishy is going on at one of Italy’s most well-known opera schools, as their star instructor Mirella Freni has just announced she will no longer be teaching at the institution.

They will likely change their logo as it prominently features a sketch the soprano.

The school appears to have been built around the esteem of two of opera’s most famous singers, bass Nicolai Ghiaurov and soprano Mirella Freni, who both taught at the school since it’s inception in 2002 and were the organization’s main draw for students from around the world.

“The idea behind CUBEC Belcanto Academy of Modena, was the need to have a central institute to coach young opera singers and piano accompanists for lyric theatre. Through the CUBEC project, the Musica e Servizio Social Cooperative organizes specialist courses of study for talented young vocalists and musicians to give them the formal and practical skills they need to perform lyric theatre.” from the CUBEC website

Apparently the split was due to artistic differences regarding the school’s programming. This split is a huge blow for the city of Modena, as well as the school, who had just moved into the newly renovated San Paolo Cultural Center in the centre of the city.

Who knows what the real cause of the split was, for the moment we can only speculate.


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