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Fresh Ideas: Pay What You Like Concerts

Fresh Ideas: Pay What You Like Concerts

Imagine attending an orchestral concert and instead of purchasing your ticket in advance, you reserve your spot and after the performance, pay what you like based on what you thought the concert was worth.

This is another example of the many ingenious attempts by orchestras and opera houses to attract new audiences to the theatre. The Hallé Orchestra has decided to test drive this idea, inviting the audience to come and go as they please, drink, and in the end, pay what they believe the experience was worth.

Other unconventional additions to the program are the slackening of traditional concert etiquette and the inclusion of a concert program that features the precise timing of each piece being played.

“We are specifically timing them so if you wanted to miss piece three and come back for piece four you’d know exactly when piece four starts. You can have a drink. You can go to the loo. The whole point it that people don’t need to feel constrained by the normal concert etiquette,” as expressed by Chief executive John Summers.

The program will feature music by Bach, Mozart, and Bartok and will be conducted by Stephen Bell.

Hallé Orchestra
September 6, 2015. 6:00pm.
The Bridgewater Hall, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester.

Bach Suite No.3
Handel Water Music
Mozart Horn Concerto No.4
Beethoven Symphony No.5
Verdi The Force of Destiny
Wagner Siegfried’s Funeral March
Stravinsky The Firebird
Bartok Concerto for Orchestra
Ligeti Concert Romanesc
Adams Short Ride in a Fast Machine


Do you think this is the right direction for orchestras to take? Are you interested in attending more events like this? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Photo credit: Russell Hart

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