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Spend Your Valentine’s Day Hangover With Liszt

Spend Your Valentine’s Day Hangover With Liszt


Studio Theatre

February 19, 2012

Presented by Neapolitan Connection

3:00 PM


Angela Park – Piano
Eve Rachel McLeod – Soprano
Rachel Mercer – CelloIntroducing young artist, Aaron Chow, piano.

Known for his incredulous piano virtuosity, innovative piano technique and his ingenious music compositions and transcriptions, Franz Liszt stands almost entirely in a league of his own, single-handedly revolutionizing the art of pianism as we now know it to be. Over the span of 6 decades during which he composed music, his works range from the technically transcendental to the pious, contemplative and solemn. Please join us for an unforgettable evening of Franz Liszt’s solo and chamber music, guaranteed to leave you completely spellbound!

Concert details and tickets can be found here

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