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Gallery Hopping with the Google Art Project

I absolutely love visiting art galleries, and when I travel I make a point of exploring the artistic treasures hidden in local collections. On the days when my passport is not in hand, and the Canadian winter has snowed me in, I can now visit my favourite pieces of art almost anywhere in the world thanks to the Google Art Project.

Google Art Project is a culturati version of Google Street View. You can navigate your way through archways and over hardwood floors rather than over asphalt and concrete. Step into the MoMa, The National Gallery, The Uffizi and many more of the world’s top galleries and take a lasting look at the gorgeous high definition photographs of each piece. You can also create a personal artwork collection featuring your favourites. It’s a lazy traveller’s dream.

Check out the behind the scenes footage of how they developed Google Art Project above, and the have a look around your favourite gallery here.

Art Life and Stilettos

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