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8 1/2 plus 4 Oscar Winners = NINE

8 1/2 plus 4 Oscar Winners = NINE

There are no words for how amazing Federico Fellini’s original 1963 film “8 1/2” is. It’s the story of a film director (Marcello Mastroianni) who has a severe case of director’s block. The film captures the process of creation, and unfolds organically. If you haven’t seen it, please go rent it before shelling out for the upcoming Hollywood Musical remake “Nine.” I have a feeling that it would be very difficult to appreciate the subtleties of the original after watching the new version. I’m obviously really excited for “Nine” anyway.

Here’s a clip from 8 1/2, it’s a scene of the unforgettable “La Saraghina.” Fellini loved full-figured bombshells. Fergie plays the prostitute in Nine, I wonder how her scenes will compare.

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